Indoor Voices [2012 ]

What happens when you fall onto "So smart"?
feelings click on
cruising your soul out to sunshine infinity
Bless your belongings with some out/smarted melody
to calm down your "indoor voices"


I've pressed the repeat button heaps of times.
So the thing is that when we dig into gold we always
find some sun shining the other way round in the end of the tunnel.
2012 is ending but you could at least put it on your fav list!

Indoor Voices is a band from Toronto,Canada (oh i love the music scene there!).They formed back in 2011.The songs from the first recording "Nevers" are the work of Jonathan Relph,former band member singer and songwriter for Junetile which formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2005....

read all about it for finders keepers sake



As a vinyl lover I'm going for this baby [Milky clear or Classic black]...

Small package-huge emotions!
ready to be sprinkled in your dreamland.
Check out the guests too!

Released 22 October 2012 

Guest vocalists:

"Still": Catherine Debard - Sally Paradise, Ylang ylang (Montreal,Canada) sallyparadise.bandcamp.com ylangylang.bandcamp.com
"So smart": Casey Mecija - Ohbijou (Toronto, Canada) ohbijou.com
"After": Sandra Vu - SISU, Dum Dum Girls (Los Angeles, USA) sisuband.com wearedumdumgirls.com
"Hung out": Anne Boutonnat - Marc Desse (Paris, France) marcdesse.bandcamp.com"Hung out": Spooky Bubble - Alligator Indian (Asheville, USA) alligatorindian.bandcamp.comMixed by Jason Finkel in Brooklyn, New York jasonfinkel.com
Mastered by Jeff "Fedge" Elliot in Toronto, Canada fedge.ca

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